actio’s Social Media Guideline

Our company understands that any content uploaded to the internet will be accessed by many and unspecified users and can no longer be expunged, and upon usage of social media, our company will follow law, organizational, and compliance regulations during the communication of information, and be fully responsible of its action.
Our company will retain an all ears stance towards the voices of both the society and customers on social media, and each of our acts of communication will reflect our respect towards users.

A Request to Social Media Users

Information provided to social media by our official account should not always be regarded as an official announcement nor opinion. Please refrain from taking actions or actions similar to the list below. If any action falls under the criteria below, it will be removed without warning.

Please restrain from posting submissions when you are feeling hotheaded from controversial topics that could cause you to feel uneasiness and antipathic.
This guideline will be constantly updated, reflecting the changes in the social media climate.
We will continue to improve on our current management stance, which allows for maximized immediacy, while also satisfying the needs for the provision of valuable information. Stay in tune.

Social Media