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Upon usage of this website (https://actioinc.jp/, hereon our website) users will need to have read and agreed to our Terms of Service (hereon TOS).
actio Inc. (hereon our company) reserves the power to change and update the TOS without prior notification.


Upon usage of any of our services, you are prohibited from actions that fall under or are deemed to fall under below clauses.



Our company does not provide any warrant on the safety, effectiveness, and accuracy of content. Our company will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of our website, use of information, as well as not using it. Any information on our website is subject to change without prior notification, and may be stricken out.

Inquiries Regarding Media Interviews and Media Exposure

We are accepting requests for media interviews and media coverage on grounds that it is communicated prior to the event.
Our company also retains the right to refuse such opportunities.


Please set all outgoing links to actio Inc. (https://actioinc.jp)
Regardless or profit making, non-profit, and intranet, there is no need for notification of creating links.
Refer to the “Disclaimer and Conditions for Setting Links” below to create links.

Disclaimer and Conditions for Setting Links

Link Settings

In order to link to our main page (https://actioinc.jp), use a text link or link banner provided below.

Text Links

The link text should be either “株式会社アクティオ” or “actio inc.”
e.g. <a href=”https://actioinc.jp/”>株式会社アクティオ</a”>
<a href=”https://actioinc.jp/”>actio inc.</a>

Link Banners

Download the banner below.

actio inc. Link Banners

To Download:
For Windows: Right click on top of the link banner to save the data to your local disk.
For Mac: Drag and drop the link banner to the location you wish to save it to.

Using any other banner (including altered and doctored banners) are prohibited When using banners, the link should take users to https://actioinc.jp/

Handling of Personal Information Policy

Our company promises to strictly align itself with our privacy policy, in which personal information is treated with utmost respect and security.
privacy policy

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In order for a smooth and secure experience, we recommend the browsers below during activities on our website.

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Our website uses JavaScript to facilitate and for the betterment of the user’s experience. If your browser settings stop JavaScript from running, some of the contents may not be accessible, and controls may not work as intended.


Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Web Analytics Tool

Our website uses a web analytics tool on some of our pages in order to facilitate user experienced and a streamlined provision of information services. For our privacy policy regarding the web analytics tool, see the page below.
Google Analytics Terms of Service