Privacy Policy

Compliance with Law and Ordinances

Our company will strictly align with regulations such as the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, as well as related government guidelines that relate to the proper management of personal information.

Prohibition of Utilization Other Than for Intended Purposes

Our company will only utilize the collected personal information for purposes outlined in the “Handling of Personal Information Policy” section.

Prohibition of Provision to Third Parties

Our company will not disclose collected personal information or specific personal information to third parties, unless allowed by the individuals themselves, or required by law. Even when given consent by the individual, disclosure of such information to third parties will strictly abide with requirement boundaries constituted by law.

Supervision of Consignees

Our company will provide necessary and adequate supervision of executives and staff, as well as consignees that will handle personal information.

Handling of Anonymously Processed Information

Our company will handle information that has been edited so as to not reveal its sources (anonymously processed information) by following strict handling guidelines structured specifically for the protection of such information, in order to securely protect our customers privacy.

Responding to Complaints and Consultations

Our company, upon receiving complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information and specific personal information, will rapidly engage in investigation to confirm the facts related to the inquiry in order to respond sincerely within a reasonable timeframe.

Protection from Breaches, Losses, and Damages

Our company will prepare the necessary and required security control measures to prevent breaches, losses, and damages incurred upon managed personal data.

A Continuous Improvement of our Personal Information Protection Management System

Our company will continue to scrutinize our current efforts over our personal information protection management system, and upkeep best our best efforts at ameliorating them.

Contact for Complaints and Consultations

We are accepting inquiries over our handling of personal information via the window below:

actio Inc.
Personal Information Inquiry Center
Harajuku OM Building, Sendagaya 3-13-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5771-6426 / Open Hours: Weekdays from 9:00~18:00 JST
FAX 03-5771-6427

Inquiry Center Established on December 20th, 2019
actio Inc. Hiroki Kakimoto, Representative Director

Handling of Personal Information Policy

Purpose of Use

Our company will collect and utilize personal information within necessary range for the purposes described below:

Personal Information of our Company Users

Personal Information of our Customers

Personal Information of our Job Applicants

Personal Information and Specific Personal Information of Executives (Including Retirees)

Personal Information of Shareholders

Joint Use

Personal information collected by our company may be used conjunctively with partnered organizations that cooperate in the conduct of our product and services. In such case, the range of disclosed personal information will be restricted to the requirements for the successful conduct of said product and services. When there is a necessity for personal information to be disclosed amongst cooperative organizations, information on the items that will be disclosed, the range of joint use, the purpose of joint use, the person(s) in charge of the management and protection of personal information and the method of data collection will be notified to the user. There will be no joint use of specific personal information, conforming to law.

Provision to Third Parties

Our company will not provide collected personal information to third parties (including overseas third parties by definition from hereon) without the user’s consent unless enforced under legislation regarding its handling (defined as the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” from hereon).

Business Consignments

Upon business consignments with third parties, our company may disclose necessary personal information and specific personal information items required for the attainment of the purposes of use outlined above. In such case, our company will commit to providing proper supervision and management towards the consignee in effort to create a preventative structure for the protection of personal information and specific personal information.

Usage of Anonymously Processed Information

Our company may create personally untraceable information (defined as Anonymously Processed Information from hereon) based on the personal data collected, and may publicly disclose the contents of such information for business use. In case of a provision of Anonymously Processed Information to third parties, the disclosed items and method of disclosure will be publicized, while clarifying to the third party about the natue of the data.

Articles Regarding Requests for Disclosure

Our company accepts requests for disclosure from individuals regarding collected personal data, purposes of use, revision of faulty personal data, and withhold personal data being shared with third parties (the above will be defined as disclosures hereon) under provisions made by the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures” (defined hereon as the “Numbers Act”).

For further detail on the disclosure process, refer to the guideline below. For more concrete information, refer to the inquiry window provided below. In case of a disclosure request on collected personal information, specific personal information or notification over the use of such information, there will be a JPY 2,500 charge as processing fee.

(1) Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

Personal information subject to disclosure is limited to information managed by actio Inc., defined as “Owned Personal Data”. Any personal information data that actio Inc. owns the rights to disclose, revise, add or remove elements, withhold, remove, and halt provisions to third parties qualifies as Owned Personal Data. If said information falls under any of the conditions outlined as elements A to D, it will not be considered as Owned Personal Data. There also are conditions under the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and “Numbers Act” and supplementary legislation which restrict the company from disclosing personal information under specific circumstances.

(2) The Disclosure Process

  1. In order to initiate the disclosure process, contact the inquiry window listed below.
  2. Documents specific to actio Inc., including the “Request for the Notification of Personal Information Usage”, “Request for Personal Information Revisal”, “Request for Personal Information Usage Withholding”, and “Commission of Powers” (in case a deputy is handling the situation) will be mailed to the individual or deputy.
  3. The individual or deputy shall then inscribe the required fields on the document and return them. On return, the document needs to be accompanied with a document(s) for identification.
  4. Upon the receipt of the request for disclosure, our company will notify the sender via a “Notification of Personal Information Disclosure”. As outlined above, there will be certain conditions whereupon the disclosure process will be wholly terminated under legislative grounds.

(3) Documents for Identification


Our company will provide services aligned with our company provisions which include proper management of personal information and specific personal information, but will not hold any legal responsibility for any issues resulting from third parties collecting one’s personal information and specific personal information under the circumstances below.


We may not be able to provide appropriate services to individual users that do not provide their latest information.

About our “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information Policy”

Our “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information Policy” may be subject to change without notification to accommodate further requirements that develop through new legislation and regulations, as well as to ameliorate our current practices through constant revision.

Our company will notify any changes made to both the “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information Policy” through our website and any of our services, and will handle personal information accordingly to the extent that the current legislation allows. All information, regardless of the date of collection, will be handled by means that align to the updated policies.

Any updates on our “Privacy Policy” and “Handling of Personal Information Policy” will take effect once uploaded onto our website and any of our services.

Where to file complaints regarding the handling of personal data.

Complaints about the mishandling of personal data can be sent to the addresses below.

actio Inc.
Personal Information Inquiry Center
Harajuku OM Building, Sendagaya 3-13-7, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

TEL +81-3-5771-6426 / Open Hours: Weekdays from 9:00 – 18:00 JST
FAX +81-3-5771-6427